False Flags: Boston Bombings

The Hidden Evidence of the Truth Behind the Boston Bombing

The globalists struck another blow to freedom in America on April 15, 2013 during the annual running of the Boston Marathon. And the YouTube gatekeepers are striking another blow as they constantly remove this archived material from the scrutiny of public view. Fortunately, we have managed to archive nearly 1 TB of video and other material from the internet and have protected the truth privately in this members only forum. Truth should not fear the light of day and the fact that this content has been removed from YouTube should worry every freedom-loving free speech person in the world.

On that fateful day in April, two patsies were blamed for this mass casualty event known as a hyper-reality training exercise and a psychological operation designed to garner support for further restrictions on explosives component sales, and to test public reaction to the suspension of Posse Comitatus, or military boots on the ground in a major American city. The end result was several days of citizens being subjected to warrantless searches of their property under the auspices of looking for a so-called terrorist. This event was staged and the "production company" (The Department of Homeland Security) left numerous clues such as crisis actors, fake blood, Craft International, private military forces, staged injuries, ineffective medical personnel, phony amputations, and other obvious clues to their psychological operation. Research this material and discover the answers for yourself that THEY (the hierarchy enslaving you) does not want you to see.

Here is the one image you need to see to understand that this entire event was a staged event full of crisis actors. This man, dubbed a hero of the day for allegedly having his legs blown off and who was subsequently honored at the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup finals hockey game just two months later, goes by the alias Jeff Bauman. He is pictured here approximately 11 minutes AFTER having his legs supposedly amputated by an explosion from a pressure cooker bomb. He was left bleeding on the ground writhing around in pain for a few minutes and was then put on a wheel cheer and whisked down the open street and media cameras two blocks away to a waiting ambulance. In this picture you can see that he is totally coherent, sitting upright, and not trailing even one blood drop behind him for as far as the camera eye can see. The loose tourniquet being held by another proven crisis actor is another giveaway.

Any medical personnel can tell you that this man would have passed out due to shock and loss of blood within the first 90 seconds, and that no trained EMT would place an amputee in a seated person rather than having the legs elevated above the head to prevent further blood loss. Such a seated position should be spewing blood everywhere if this was a genuine picture of an injured man. Fact is, he is a war amputee crisis actor at a staged terrorism training exercise that was passed off to the sheeple as real. To deny these obvious facts is to believe a lie because of cognitive dissonance.

And for those who understand the nature of the occult and numerology, this event occurred at the Boston Marathon finish line geo-located at 666 Boylston Street. We kid you not. Number of the beast, Satan, Lucifer, pure evil deception!

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