The Holocaust: What They Don't Want You to Know

History is not what you've been told. Learn the censored facts about the 6 million.

The zionist-based globalists, also known as the New World Order, are the secret society of evil masters who have been controlling the propaganda message for decades. They have been so successful at distorting the message that they have completely fabricated the truth surrounding one of the most widely-believed events of World War II, the deliberate extermination of 6 million jews in the gas chambers of eastern Europe. But did this actually happen as the history books would have us believe?

As disturbing as the truth can be, it is vital to our collective futures to examine this conspiracy theory in detail to critically analyze the so-called "facts" we have been told. Upon deeper scrutiny, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that we have been entirely lied to about the death of so many victims by Nazi Germany. In fact, it is more likely that very few or NO jews were ever gassed in killing chambers as the zionist-controlled mainstream media and education system would have us believe. Lack of physical evidence and simple mathematics proves that 6 million people could not have been disposed of in gas chambers and ovens, as we have been led to believe. As you will discover in the video playlist below, the nazis would have had to gas and cremate 1 jew every 30 seconds over the entire 6 year war in order to make the math work out to 6 million.

6 years x 365 days/yr x 24 hrs/day x 60 min/hr = 3,153,600 minutes.

6,000,000 / 3,153,600 = 1.90/min.

In reality, the alleged time frame of the killing occurred mostly during an 18 month period which would have required this to be done at the rate of 7.6 jews/min. In order to kill and cremate 8 bodies per minute (11,520/day), when it takes 1 hour to cremate a 100lb body containing 64lbs of water in today's modern furnaces, it would have required 480 ovens running 24/7 for 18 months to accomplish this task, without any breakdown. At its peak, Auschwitz had 52 ovens and it was the largest facility of the war. However, official sites try to debunk these facts and argue for multiple bodies per oven and 20 minute combustion periods, which is the only way to make the math work. Yet various websites such as 9 0 Random Facts even conflict on the actual numbers killed at each facility.

In this literal matrix we find ourselves living in, it is important to note that the closer one gets to truth, the more vicious the defenders of the "official conspiracy" become to those who challenge the official conspiracy story. If you want to know who really runs the world, find out who you are not allowed to talk about and you will know who your enemy really is. In France and Germany, for example, it is now a jailable crime to deny the holocaust or even raise questions about it in a private setting such as one's home.

As disturbing as it is to discover the lies we have been told about this issue, it is even more disturbing to realize how society can be so easily deceived when the lie is big enough, and then to predict the possible consequences of allowing the lie to remain unrevealed.

Do your own research and see what makes sense to you. We are just the messenger aiming to reveal the truth, regardless of what that might be. But, in the greater context of all the topics discussed in this site, it would not be too surprising to learn that the holocaust facts have been grossly distorted, manipulated, and fabricated to suit someone's agenda.

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